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Spring Break 2015

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A word

     Photography is an incredible form of art. Beautiful things are all around us just waiting to be captured. There are beautiful and amazing places, people, and things in our home called Earth. Now, there are also these crazy cool gizmos called cameras. Cameras have the ability to capture everything we experience with our eyes. Lastly, there are photographers. Photographers are these quirky and crazy kind of people that go out there to experience and explore the beautiful people, places, and things in our world and make photographs of them. 

     The world is filled with beauty. The setting sun, a crash of the ocean, the falling rain, a smile, a kiss on the cheek, two families becoming one... These are a few of the things that make the world the way it is - beautiful.    

     It is the privilege of a photographer to capture the unfathomable beauty in this world. Photographers see things differently. We find big things in the little things. We also find little things in the big things. We find meaning in the old and hope in the new. We discover simplicity in the day-to-day activities of our complicated lives. We find peace in nature, joy in life, and happiness in a new day.      

     Photographers find never-ending pleasure in making images of the world around us. It is through the lens of a camera and the eyes of a photographer that we shed our perspective of the world to those around us.      

     We seek to change things. We seek to express life differently. We seek to capture a moment. We seek to make a difference.      

{I am a photographer. This is what I do.}